Alchemy World Game System Introduction

Alchemy World
4 min readDec 9, 2020

Welcome all alchemists to Alchemy World. This articles will introduce the operation process and gameplay of the introduction of Alchemy World, please check in time. I hope you can quickly get familiar with alchemy game, participate in it and earn profits.

I. Token Name & Definition

NFT symbols

Token symbol 1 : Fire fragment (Fire)
Token symbol 2 : Metal fragments (Fe)
Rich-key, classified into “V1 iron Key, V2 aluminum Key, V3 copper Key, V4 silver Key, V5 golden Key”.

II. Log in Alchemy World

Alchemy World supports MetaMask/WalletConnect mainstream wallet plug-in protocol’s authorization protocol login and trading functions, players can realize transactions in a decentralized way.

III. Game Logic

The player impersonates an alchemist to participate in the game.Through the alchamical system, the alchemist add Fire(Fire fragment) as the consumption element of alchemy to the process of making Fe (metal fragment), during which Fire(Fire fragment) will be consumed and destroyed. The Rich-key (NFT) can be melted and decomposed into Fe (metal fragments), and there will be a certain melting loss in the middle.

IV. Gameplay

In the alchemy world, a variety of gameplay systems have been included;

• Exchange system

• Destruction system

• Casting system

• Swap system

We’re going to go through that step by step

1. Exchange System

In the exchange system, players join in the game as alchemists. The alchemist can use the ETH to exchange and get rich-key, and the Rich Key will issue A Token to the user at the same time at a certain proportion.

Exchange process: After logging in with wallet authorization, the user initiates the exchange request on the web page by sending ETH through wallet/plug-in authorization, and the smart contract receives the token requested from the user and randomly returns Rich Key and Fire of different grades to the user address according to the current exchange ratio.

2. Destroction System

In Alchemy World, the deflation model of token is specially set. Through the destruction mechanism, players exchange Rich Key will receive freely Fire which as the alchemical element will be destroyed or consumed to refine out of Fe. At the same time, players can destroy Fe and cast Rich Key. In destroy system, it always revolves around Fe, making Fe continue to generate value in the later market circulation.

3. Casting System

Alchemy World’s casting system is always carried out in the Fe Token and Rich Key. We will inject 2309.5 Fe at the beginning of the contract and anchor the face value of all NFT. We will also stipulate in the contract that the initial inventory amount of NFT contract is 0. The number of NFT can only increase NFT inventory through user decomposition. Only when NFT inventory is not 0, the smart contract can fulfill casting instructions.

4. Swap System

Players can not only cast Fe into NFT in the casting system, but also interact with the smart contract to swap NFT into based on the existing exchange ratio in the system.

V. NFT Market Trading System

In addition to the basic game systems in the above four games, Alchemy World will also join the market trading system and login referral reward mechanism in the future. The market trading system allows users to trade NFT with other alchemists hrough smart contracts in Alchemy Word. For the item trading mechanism in traditional game methods, NFT transactions running on the chain can maximize the protection of player rights. If players want to use the ETH instead of Rich Key as a trading method, they only need to pour an external wallet link into the Alchemy World contract.

VI. Daily Reward System

At present, the daily reward system is still under development. Through this system, players can receive Fire as daily rewards in the game every day. Players can also join the membership system of Alchemy World. After purchasing a membership, players can chose the LP pool limited by Prime users to harvest with higher yields than ordinary LP mining pools, in the future, we will re-explain more details about alchemy world membership system!



Alchemy World

Alchemy World is a collect project of rare cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain, namely the NFT .