What is Alchemy World ?

Alchemy World
3 min readDec 8, 2020


Alchemy World is DeFi+NFT+FOMO liquidity Mining platform, it encrypts the magical alchemist image on the Ethereum, allowing players to collect and buy elements, have fun in the alchemy, and earn revenue through NFT.


NFT Symbol :Rich-Key
Total Supply:50,000
Token Attributes:Rich-key, classified into “V1 iron Key, V2 aluminum Key, V3 copper Key, V4 silver Key, V5 golden Key”.
Token Allocation :Swap(100%) : 50,000Rich-Key

V1 iron key
V2 aluminum keys
V3 copper keys
V4 silver keys
V5 gold keys

Token A :Fire div
Total Supply:3,100,000Fire
Token Allocation :
Swap(88.71%):2,750,000 Fire
PreSale & Whitelist (8.06%):250,000 Fire(1Fire=0.0008ETH)
community(3.23%):100,000 Fire


Token B : Metal div
Symbol :Fe
Total Supply:10000Fe


Core Advantage

Fomo+destruction mining, high income
DeFi tokens, mortgage rights, dynamic rare fragments
NFT Staking, vivid and interesting game story
DAO regulatory mechanism, open, strong participability
100% decentralization, security, transparency
real-time income, the principal back at any time
scarcity, great future appreciation

How to participate in Alchemy World ?

1. Character: The player will take the character of alchemist
2. Mint: use 0.1ETH/ time to extract randomly 1 rich-key from 5 levels, and get corresponding Fire
3. Exchange: Fire is destroyed or consumed as an alchemical element and Fe is smelted in the alchemical system
4. Mining: Players can produce a certain level of Key, rich-key, by casting and consuming Fe
5. Upgrade: Players can participate in DeFi ecological play with more computing power advantages with rich-key
6. Referral: When your friends complete the transaction,you can get up to 10%real-time commissions.

Exchange flow Chart

NFT decomposition: By interacting with the contract, the user sends the NFT to be decomposed to the contract, and the contract returns the corresponding Fe to the user account according to the face value of THE Fe of the NFT
NFT casting: By interacting with the contract, the users selects and sends Fe to be cast, and the contract returns the corresponding NFT to the user account
Fe: Contract initial injection of 2309.5 Fe, anchoring the face value of all NFT
NFT: The initial NFT stock of the contract is 0, and the user decomposition will increase NFT stock. Only when NFT stock is not 0, the user can carry out casting.



Alchemy World

Alchemy World is a collect project of rare cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain, namely the NFT .